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African-American Family Cooking

Will The Real Men Please Stand Up?

Will the real men please stand up? You would think that after all the pain that women have endured for decades and praying to God hoping that their man would change and be the man she wants...Read more.


African-American Family Cooking

Managing High Blood Pressure

With the new year halfway gone and your New Year's resolution to eat smart and move more is just a withered dream, what can you do to start or maintain a liftstyle to lower high blood pressure? ... Read more.


African-American Kids Drown at the Highest Rate

African-American Kids at Highest Risk of Drowning

According to USA Swimming, 70% of African-American children cannot swim. Their survey finds that African-American kids between the age of 5 and 14 are three ... - Read more.

Beauty & Fashion

African-American Family Cooking

The Big Chop: Naturally...I'm just saying

I did the big chop June 30, 2010. That means I went to the salon and had all of the chemicals cut out of my hair. It was one of the best choices I have made in my life. Read more.


What is Tithing?

What is Tithing? How do you give your 10%?

Recently, I was told if I want to be blessed to tithe. Immediately I thought of the lyrics to the “Tithes and Offering” song that says “If you want to be blessed, pay your tithes and offering. If you want more, …”- Read more.


African-American Family Cooking

Want a good 'read' for the fall/winter? Try a classic African-American novel.

From the Harlem Renaisance to contemporary literature, some of the best novels were written by African-American writers. Read more.


African-American Family Cooking

Reinvent Yourself: Start a New Career

There are times when you need reinvent your career. Especially when you find yourself stagnant or feel like you are in a rut. You become complacent in your job with no direction ... Read More.


President Obama

2012 State of the Union Address: America Built to Last

In my opinion, this was President Obama's best speech in a long time. This election will be an uphill battle for the President and he will need our help... Read More

Real Talk

President Obama

Social Media Ruins

Social media sites are tools that can be used for networking, marketing, and keeping in touch with friends, family, dating and many other things. Read More


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